Definition and the importances of a brand

In this part, we will talk about when and where the word “brand” came from, what it meant from the start. As the document we’ve searched, the word "brand" is derived from the Old Norse(an ancient language used by the Viking) brandr meaning “to burn”. Why? Because there was no printer at that time, people had to use an burning iron stick with their own symbol on it to “brand” their products on purpose to identify them. And the products couldn’t be anything else than cattle. Althought the word “brand” was born this way in the ninth century when the Viking came to Bristish Isle, this actions have surprisedly been done much more sooner in the history by the ancient Egyptian about 4000 years ago. After so many years of developing, the definition of “brand” nowaday has became much more complicate than it original. So we decided to choose the word’s best known dictionary website to define it. Here is the quote: “A brand is the identity of a specific product, service, or business. A brand can take many forms, including a name, sign, symbol, color combination or slogan.” Not only that, the definition has been extended even more in the psychological aspect like: thoughts, feelings, perceptions, images, experiences, beliefs, attitudes which are linked to the brand.