Diversification of investment capital for road construction in Vietnam

1. The necessity of the thesis The acceleration of industrialization, modernization and international integration requires a strong development of road construction system. Over the past years, the Party and State have paid great attention to the development of road construction system. Initially, the diversification of capital and investment was undertaken, but the results were not as expected. By the end of 2015, the country has nearly 20,000 km of national highways, but only 47% of km are roads with high and medium technical standards, the rest of 53% are low-level roads. Many projects were implemented slow in progress, poor in quality, high in cost, causing barriers for development. Although State has promulgated mechanisms and policies to encourage social investment in development, it has not yet generated strong support and shared responsibility between businesses and the whole society. Many issues of concern have not been addressed. The lack of capital investment for developing road construction has become a concern. The author has chosen the topic "Diversification of investment capital for road construction in Vietnam" as a topic of his PHD thesis, majoring in political economics to address the practical concerns of road construction management