Luận án Application of ho chi minh ideology on social policy during the renovation period in vietnam

1. Urgency of the thesis Social policy holds a role of specialties in all activities of organizing, operating and managing the society. The effect of carrying out social policy contributes to healthy social and economic developments, strong, well-rounded human developments on the basis of fairness and improvement. For President Ho Chi Minh, the implementation of social policy is to solve problems directly related to users, thereby improving the material and spiritual life of the people. Ho Chi Minh's idea of social policies is a system of points about the purposes, objects, contents, requirements and forces implementing social policy. His thought of social policies is the spiritual treasure of the State, always guiding the way for victories in our people’s revolutionary causes. In the renewal era in Vietnam, the task of building and defending the Fatherland, the Party and the State has operated and developed the Ho Chi Minh’s ideals on social policy to suit the new situation, contributing to building successful socialism. In fact, this is an more appropriate process of the socialist path in accordance with the reality of Vietnam, which is to carry out the teachings of President Ho Chi Minh with the expectation that all people have the opportunity to make ends meet, to be educated, in order to achieve the goal of wealthy people, a strong country, democracy, justice and civilization.