Luận án Applying ho chi minh’s diplomacy method to the cause of current national construction and defense at present

1. The necessary of the thesis In Ho Chi Minh Ideology, there is a creative, unique and consistent diplomacy method that has greatly contributed to the achievements in Vietnam’s diplomacy in the last 80 years. It can be concluded that under the command of the Communist Party of Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh the diplomacy has increasingly developed along with the evolution of the whole country, significantly contributing to achievements of Vietnam. Together with the development of the country, diplomacy has been more and more advanced and developed, becoming an important part in the overall power of the country so as to implement “a prosperous people, a strong nation, an equitable, democratic and civilized society” Maintaining and developing traditions in foreign affairs to build and protect the country, the Communist Party of Vietnam has applied Ho Chi Minh’s diplomacy method to set the guidelines and command the foreign affairs to create peaceful, sustainable and advantageous atmosphere to develop the country’s economy, culture, society etc. In the recent situation, doing researches on Ho Chi Minh ideology in general and on Ho Chi Minh’s diplomacy method in particular is still regarded as an important mission of the Communist Party of Vietnam. However, the result of applying them retains some certain drawbacks which need to be improved in the new era