Luận án Development of intellectuals in the central highlands in the period of accelerating industrialization and modernization

1. The necessity of the thesis Intellectual is the precious capital of the nation, the embodiment of the wisdom of the times. The more developed the society, the better the position and role of intellectuals, especially in the context of the forthcoming fourth S & T revolution, with the increasing gray matter competition. The Communist Party of Vietnam affirms: "In every age, knowledge is always the foundation of social progress, the intelligentsia is the core of creativity and the spread of knowledge. Today, along with the rapid development of modern science and technology revolution, intellectuals have become an especially important resource, creating the strength of each country in its development strategy". Therefore, developing the intelligentsia is to raise the intellectual level and strength of the nation, thereby contributing significantly to the cause of building and developing the country along the socialist path that the 12th National Assembly of the Party affirmed that "to build a contingent of intellectuals with high quality and meet the requirements of national development