Luận án Education of ho chi minh’s humanistic thought for university students in Vietnam today

1. The urgency of the research project Ho Chi Minh’s though is the system of comprehensive and profound views on the on the fundamental issues of the Vietnamese revolution, in which the idea of national liberation, liberation of the class, liberation of the people is main content and the red thread throughout his entire intellectual heritage. It is nothing more than a genuine humanism, which is the basis for creating the vitality and permanence of Ho Chi Minh Thought. Ho Chi Minh's humanistic thought, or Ho Chi Minh's humanism is an important component part, holding the nucleus, the philosophical foundation of the whole ideology as well as the actual Ho Chi Minh’s career, is the essence of the whole Ho Chi Minh legacy. This value has endogenous, extremely strong externalities, deepening the thought, persuasion, sensation, transformation of Ho Chi Minh's method and style. It was also the human values of Ho Chi Minh that contributed to the nature and power of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the cause of the Vietnamese revolution. Hence, the study of Ho Chi Minh's humanistic thought in a holistic way is the deepening of the ideology, which in turn, more clearly defines the mechanism of existence and the permeability of that thought. For all classes of people. Youth, including students, are a key force in the construction and defense of the country, as a messenger for Vietnam's international integration, as an emblem of the Vietnamese nation. For the Vietnamese culture, therefore, they need to be all-round people in the spiritual, intellectual, physical and aesthetic aspects, which, in essence, are nothing more than human values. valve