Luận án Ho Chi Minh’s philosophy of action

1. The necessity of the thesis In facing the need to choose the revolutionary path to liberate and develop the nation, Ho Chi Minh formed his philosophy of action from an early age, becoming a consistent theme throughout the rest of his life. Going out to the world, approaching the Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh found a way to save the country and liberate the nation by ensuring national independence associated with socialism. Ho Chi Minh's philosophy of action indicates that national independence and national independence right is sacred, inviolable and that freedom andhappiness for the people is the ultimate goal of all actions. The objective of Ho Chi Minh's action is the constant values and goals expressed by the rich and powerful actions of Ho Chi Minh in the process of leading and realizing revolutionary goals. The philosophy of Ho Chi Minh's actions objective is still valuable, contributing to the orientation of action for the Party and the people in the cause of national renewal and development. Through the lens of Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh not only selected the philosophical values of the nation, of the East, of the West but also recognized and developed motives for revolutionary action. The philosophy of the power of the masses, the role of the masses are grasped in action. The people are the bottom line, the core value of all action, the philosophy of action of Ho Chi Minh. Patriotism of the people in the national tradition identified by Ho Chi Minh as "your precious things", and by concrete, practical actions, he arouse and promoted those precious things to serve the revolutionary cause. Patriotism is promoted by "emulation is patriotism, patriotism must emulate", and the spirit of "solidarity, unity, national unity" of the nation and the world, creating strong driving force determining the revolutionary victory. In the revolutionary cause, the democratic way of doing things has become a "universal key" to solve all difficulties. The philosophy of action dynamics embodied in Ho Chi Minh's philosophy of action is based on scientific theories, with affirmative and practical results, which have been the orientations for the Party's actions in formulating policies and building directions in order to bring into full play the dynamics of the cause of revolution in the new conditions of the country