Luận án Hue cultural space with the formation of Ho Chi Minh’s personality

1. The necessity of the thesis Ho Chi Minh President is the hero of national liberation, the outstanding cultural celebrity of Vietnam. He has a beautiful personality and has left a deep impression in the flow of human history, contributing to the enrichment and development of the common values of humankind. Therefore, researching the personality of Ho Chi Minh will help to clarify the unique values of Ho Chi Minh. Ho Chi Minh’s personality, which was shaped and developed from the multi-dimensional influences of the economic, historical, cultural, social and human conditions of the places where he lived and worked expressed through the thoughts and actions of Ho Chi Minh. Especially, cultural space was also one of the factors that had a deep influence on the formation and development of Ho Chi Minh’s personality, Hue has a particularly important place. In Hue imperial capital, the economic, political, cultural and social changes strongly affected to Ho Chi Minh. With the sensitivity of the intelligent learner and the desire to learn, to acquire new knowledge, Ho Chi Minh soon recognized the values of Hue culture, the cultural quintessence of the nation and humanity. From then on, Ho Chi Minh took a more mature step in thinking and acting, directly participating in the Duy Tan movement, fighting against the Thua Thien Hue people