Luận án Human resources for the reform of economic growth model in Vietnam

1. The necessity of the thesis Over 30 years of renovation, our economy has gained many important achievements. These achievements are partly determined by the economic growth model of this period, which is in line with Vietnam's conditions. Until now, Vietnam's economy has many signs of instability, the economy has been preserved for so long in the "low value added" model, based on increased capital investment, exploitation of natural resources, leverage cheap labor to pursue rapid growth. The economic growth model in Vietnam is currently considered as spreading widely and ineffectively in the long run, not really promoting the strengths and effectively exploiting the advantages of the economy. This shows that a fast-growing economy does not mean a strong economy. Hence, Vietnam's economic growth model for the period 2017-2020 with a vision to 2030 needs to be transformed with the basic contents of: the combination of growth of width and growth of depth, in which the growth in depth is the mainstream, combining economic growth with social development and environmental protection. In order to implement the new economic growth model, solutions should be implemented synchronously, in which the development of human resources, especially high quality human resources - important inputs of economic growth model - is considered a "breakthrough", decisive solution. Meanwhile, human resources in our country are now in large numbers, but low in quality, not meeting the requirements of socio-economic development and international integration. Due to the above reasons, the PhD candidate selects the topic "Human resources to innovate the model of economic growth in Vietnam" as the subject of his PhD thesis