Luận án Improvement of theoretical thinking capacity of lecturers at cadre training institutions in vietnam today

1. Urgency of the topic Theoretical thinking capacity is the combination of intellectual qualities of the subject that meet requirements on detection, quick, sensitive and proper acquisition towards reality at theoretical level, thereby working out specific, sharp, creative and practical proposals and contributing to improving perception and practice efficiency of people. The development of theoretical thinking capacity is the overall outcome of interaction among many factors with different positions. However, these factors contribute to governing the existence and development of theoretical thinking capacity. Theoretical thinking capacity plays an important role in perception and practice, especially for lecturers; serves as a sharp weapon in lecturing and scientific research of lecturers. Such capacity is shown in the ability to grasp nature and soul of Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh Ideology, strategies of the Communist Party of Vietnam, policies and laws of the State of Vietnam in the relationship with their tasks as well as the ability to grasp reality and define optimal orientation and solutions to solve the problems arising from reality and from task implementation. In fact, theoretical thinking capacity of lecturers is a value that orientates their perception and practice. Together with grasping revolutionary theory, lecturers should know how to adopt, concretize such theoretical system into their lectures with quality.