Luận án Perfecting the law on procurators of the people’s procuracy in exercising the right to prosecution to meet the requirements of judicial reform in Vietnam

1. The necessity of the topic Since its establishment, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam has paid close attention to its prosecutors. Thus, the legal issues of this title were corrected in the first legal documents of the people's democratic government. If the first years, prosecution and prosecutor regime was associated with the organization and operation of the Court, the birth of the People's Procuracy in 1960 marked a major change of this regime. The position and role of procurators in the system of agencies of the Procuracy and the State apparatus were confirmed in the 1959 Constitution, the Law on Organization of the People's Procuracy in 1960, and many guiding documents. Procurator is a constitutional judicial officer, appointed in accordance with the law to perform the function of exercising the right to prosecution, supervising judicial activities, protecting the Constitution and law, protecting human rights, civil rights, protecting the socialist regime, ensuring strict, fair and uniform law enforcement. Together with the development of the judicial system, procurator law has gradually improved, creating a solid legal basis to continue building a team of procurators to meet the requirements of the judicial reform