Luận án Sustainable tourism development in phu tho province

1. The necessity of the thesis Tourism is a rapidly growing industry and has become one of the leading economies of many localities and countries in the world nowadays. In Vietnam, the Party and State affirmed the objective of developing tourism into a spearhead economic sector of the country, promulgating a number of guidelines, policies, orientations and consistent solutions throughout the years to achieve this goal. With its geographic location and diverse potentials, especially special human tourism resources, it is associated with the cultural heritages of the Hung Vuong (in which two heritages recognized by UNESCO as the intangible cultural heritage of mankind.), and many natural tourism resources, Phu Tho has many advantages and conditions for tourism development. In recent years, Phu Tho has made efforts to develop tourism with the goal of making tourism become a spearhead economic sector of the province and has achieved certain results. However, the development of tourism in Phu Tho is not commensurate with its potential and still has many limitations. In particular, tourism activities in Phu Tho province are showing some issues from the perspective of sustainable development: the growth of the tourism industry is not strong, not catching and taking advantage of good opportunities of comprehensive integration of Vietnam with the world economy; Tourism activities cause much negative impact on tourism resources, natural and society environment, to the preservation and promotion of tangible and intangible cultural values; Some negative externalities from tourism to the community. The limitations and weaknesses directly affect on tourism development in Phu Tho province both in the immediate as well as in the long term. Faced with that situation, the research topic "Sustainable tourism development in Phu Tho Province" was chosen to be really meaningful both in theory and practice