Luận án The transformation of social structure of farmers in the mekong river delta nowadays

1. The necessity of the thesis Social structure along with the mode of production, economic structure of society constitutes the basis of social reality, the basic factor, determining the development of society. Historical materialism states: "In every historical age, the primary mode of economic production and trade, together with the social structure determined by that mode, forms the basis of politics history of the time and the history of the intellectual development of the era, the basis that only from which we can explain that history. " The social structure is always changing depending on the change of economic production and life. The transformation of social structure has a strong impact on the transformation and development of economic production and the society in general, including both positive and negative impacts. It can be said, research on social structure and the transformation of social structure is the urgent theoretical issue being set. In Vietnam, in the renewal period, to develop the socialist-oriented market economy, to accelerate industrialization and modernization and international integration, social structure has significant and profound transformations, creating social effects and consequences. The Mekong Delta is one of the key economic regions of the country, especially the agricultural economy, in which farmers are the large and main workforce, the main subject of the industrialization and modernization process of rural agriculture and new rural construction in the area. In the past years, along with the strong economic changes, social structure in general, the social structure of farmers in particular in the Mekong Delta also has varied and diversified changes, contributing to the positive development in the socio-economic aspects of the Mekong Delta and its social life; However, there are also negative social consequences that are not desired, and there should be a positive orientation for the change accordingly. Because of this urgency, I chose the issue: "The transformation of the social structure of farmers in the Mekong Delta nowadays", as the topic of the PhD thesis in social science.