Luận án The transformation of socialist production relations during the reform period of Vietnam

1. The necessity of the thesis The rule of "production relations are in line with the level of productive force" has especially important meaning in social rules because it is the fundamental rule that governed the development process of human society. In Vietnam, before renovation period, socialist production relations were impatiently established. We had removed other types of production relations while the level of production forces was low, new production relations went far beyond the level of productive forces, inhibited the development of productive forces which led to the socio-economic crisis. In the renovation years, we have applied correctly and creatively the rule: "production relations are in line with the level of productive force", having adjusted production relations to be in line with the level of productive forces by developing a diverse range of production relations, including socialist production relations, which provides a fundamental turning point in socio-economic development. However, along with the achievements, production relations are still inappropriate and limited in releasing of production forces. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to adjust production relations to be in line with production forces in order to release production forces and boost production development. At present, there are many factors affecting the socialist production relations in our country, along with the trend of globalization, cooperation and regionalization which are happening strongly. Therefore, studying about adjustment of socialist production relations to develop production and make our country integrate with the general trend is very necessary.