Luận án Vietnam communist party leads the work of mass mobilization in the central highlands from 2001 to 2010

1. The necessity of the thesis The Party's mass mobilization are all activities of the Party and other organizations in the political system under the leadership of the Party to propagate, educate, mobilize, persuade, guide, gather and organize all classes of people to well implement the Party's viewpoints and guidelines as well as the State's policies and laws; caring for and protecting of the interests of the people; to promote the mastery and great strength of the people in the cause of developing and defending the Fatherland and to successfully accomplish he Party's objectives and ideals. Over the course of history, the Party has always determined that mass mobilization is an important and significant task for the whole revolutionary cause of the nation. It is a prerequisite condition to ensure the leadership of the Party; It contributes to reinforce and strengthen the close relationship between the Party and the people. Especially, in the reform period, mass mobilization of the Party has been strengthened and gradually reformed. The Party and the State have adopted many positive policies and solutions in relevant areas and targets. At the same time, there is a constant reform of the content and mode of leadership, the promotion and expansion of democracy, the mobilization of the people's mastery as well as the role of the State, the Vietnam Fatherland Front and the armed forces in mass organizations. In addition to the achievements, there are still certain limitation, weakness that make mass mobilization do not meet the increasing requirements of the cause of the reform process such as: the slow progress of specification of the mechanism of Party leadership, state’s management, People's ownership; some resolutions of the Party, policies and laws of the State have not been thoroughly understood and effectively implemented; The coordination between organizations in the political system is not very strong; Some state agencies are not aware of the position and importance of mass mobilization; the weakness