Luận văn Human resources for industrialization and modernization associated with knowledge - Based economic development in thua thien hue nowadays

Theory and practice have confirmed the critical role of human resources, especially High-Quality Human Resources for the socio-economic development in general and industrialization and modernization in particular. In fact, nations and locals paying interest in training and rationally effective use of human resources have reaped success. The rapid recovery of Germany after World War II, or the miraculous development of the countries and territories with the advanced industry in Asia like Japan, Korea, and Singapore . is clear evidence. Human resources plays a decisive role, but different levels of development pose different requirements for human resources. In the context of the scientific and technological revolution, the trend of globalization and the rapid spread of the knowledge-based economy, Vietnam can not make industrialization, modernization in the "traditional" way but "taking a short-cut and wait in front" instead, ie industrialization, modernization are associated with the development of the knowledge-based economy. The Resolution of the Tenth Party Congress confirmed "Seize the favorable advantages created by the international context and the potential, advantages of the country to shorten the process of industrialization and modernization in the country as socialist-oriented, socialism associated with the development of the knowledge-based economy". To accomplish this goal, in the strategy of socio-economic development to the year 2020, the Party identified three breakthroughs and one of them is rapid development of human resources, especially high-quality human resources