Luận văn Phân tích chuỗi giá trị cá Lóc nuôi ở đồng bằng sông Cửu Long

Cage culture of giant snakehead (Channa micropeltes) was started in 1960s while the farming of common snakehead fish (Channa striatus) was started in 1990s and spreadby different farming systemsin the flood-prone areas of the Mekong Delta. The study titled “Value chain analysis of cultural snakehead product in the Mekong Delta” was carried out in An Giang, Dong Thap, Can Tho and Hau Giang provinceaimingtostudy thestatus and sollution for the development snakehead culture intheMekong Delta. There are 5 main groups of actors of snakehead value chain (farmers, traders, processors, retailers and end consumers). There are also two chain supporters, including market managersand government officers. Average stocking duration was 4-6 months/crop depending on cultured species and selling price at the harvest. Average stocking density was 204 fish/m 2 (or 114 fish/m 3 ) with the average survival rate of 53.2% and the average yield was 41.9 kg/m 3 /crop. Production cost was VND 29,700per kg and if the cost of self-captured trash fish was not taken into account, this cost was reduced about VND 24,400per kgonly. Most of local traders bought table snakehead directlyfromthe grow-out farms (54.7%) and resold the fish to bigger traders in HCM city (58.8%). All retailers in the local marketssold outthe bought fish to localconsumers. Fordried snakehead processors, average amount of raw fish bought was 8.2 tons/processor/year, of which 84.4%was bought fromfishtraders. Theysold out their dried fish to HCM city after processing (60.4%). Average purchased quantity of raw snakehead bought by fish sauce processors was 9.0 tons/processor/year, of which 39.6%was bought from grow-out farms. Today, somesauce processors bought wild snakehead from Cambodia (5.7%)due to the depletion of wild fish and the trade of wild snakehead from Cambodia was mainlyin flooding season (September to December). There were10 marketing channels of snakehead fish, of which TWO most important channels were number 3 (fish were consumed intheMekong Delta) and number 9 (fish were sold and consumed in HCM city). Profitwasdistributed not fair among the chain actors, traders recieved more profit than others(about 87.9-93.4% of total chain profit). The retailers received the hightest level of profit per kg but the profit they obtained was lower than otheractors that of due to small amount of fishpurchased.