Đề tài A study on hyponymy and meronymy in lexical semantics

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Mô tả :Semantics along with other subjects like Grammar. Phonology and Phonetics, Lexical, so on stands in the system of academic language. It is researched systematically with a lot of different points of view and approaches which are argued by many famous linguisticians like J. Lyons (Cambridge University); Curse, D.A (Cambridge University); Chaffin, R & Winston, M.E (Trenton State College); Herman D (Hamilton College); and so on. Semantics is not only researched but also learned in universities. To major students at Haiphong private university like me, semantics is a new subject in the curriculum, which brings us both excite and challenge. Furthermore, for myself, it really attracts me in the studying at class for its strangeness, especially Hyponymy and Meronymy. These two types of the sense relations are popular in life particularly in scientific field. They are used to express hierarchical relations. Besides, they also show the certainly mutual correspondence and distinction as well, which urges me to study this issue more profoundly.

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Đề tài A study on hyponymy and meronymy in lexical semantics