Đề tài A study on personal pronouns in English and Vietnamese

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Mô tả :Nowadays, English has become the most widely used language all over the world. It is considered as the medium of communication in many different fields such as: science, technology, aviation, international sport, diplomacy, and so on . English is used as the working language of the Asian Trade group ASEAN and the official language of the European Bank. In fact, with the spread of globalization and the rapid expansion of information and technology, there has been an explosion in the demand for English worldwide .In Vietnam, in recent years, the study of English has been gaining momentum firstly because it is an international language and secondly because it is also seen as a mean to promote mutual understanding and cooperation between Vietnam and other countries. English is most widely taught at schools and universities. In learning English, learners have a lot of difficulties in vocabulary, pronunciation and so on especially grammar . Like all other languages, English grammar has a number of parts of speech including personal pronouns . Personal pronouns are known to be one of the first and easiest parts of speech taught in 1stEnglish lesson. However, the fact shows that while learning English, especially Vietnamese, Vietnamese students and foreign ones have great difficulties in using and translating personal pronouns .

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Đề tài A study on personal pronouns in English and Vietnamese