Now there are many Medical Stores around the world, in a country Each store has many business activities: buying goods from distributors; selling medicines to dealers or customers; managing store; processing orders and paying bills Each of the Medical Stores system found there way different organizations. The Medical Stores in each country is organized and how different activities, depending on the characteristics of each country . RS Medical Agencies is a General Medical Store, which buys and sells the medicines as per the requirement of the customer. It has so many dealer ships from which the medicines are purchased and also some of the medicines it gets directly from the company and some of them from the wholesale retail shops. For the past few months they are facing difficulties in the current system for tracking down the details of the available and that of the sold due to the increased consumption of the medicines. So they had approached you to study the situation and resolve their difficulties in maintaining the records of the sold ones and that of the available and also to track down the details of the Payments done to the distributors, received from the customers, etc and also to track down the information of the quantity of the stock available and that of the purchasable. This application will solve all of them: holding the complete information about the drugs, dealers, and wholesale retailers in a modular form so as to make a convenient approach to track all the records maintaining the list of the order requests so as to deliver in time to the corresponding customer.