The quality of exercising the right to prosecution of prosecutors at the first instance criminal court hearings under the requirements of judicial reform in Vietnam

1. The necessity of the thesis The exercising of the right to prosecution is one of the two functions of the People's Procuracy is recognized by the Constitution. The 2013 Constitution recognizes that "the People's Procuracy exercises the right to prosecution and supervision of judiciary activities" (Article 107). The exercising of the right to prosecution in criminal proceedings is for State's to accuse the offender. It is implemented by the People’s Procuracy from the time of handling denunciation of crime, recommendation for institution to the whole process of institution, investigation, prosecution and adjudication of criminal cases in order to ensure that all criminal acts and criminal crimes are be detected, prosecuted, investigated, prosecuted and tried in a timely and lawful manner, to the right people, right crimes, in order to avoid wrongful judgment and to avoid missing out criminal acts and offenders; At the same time, not to limit human rights and citizen rights of prosecuted, arrested, detained persons