Tóm tắt luận án Developing independent creativity competency for students of technical universities through teaching organic chemistry

Our country is now under the progress of international economic integration to improce the competitiveness of the economy. This requires higher education to strongly transform so as to enhance the training quality and supply the economy with adequately competent and qualified human resource in the operation of all economic fields. It also means that universities have to transform themselves step by step to become destinations that develop necessary abilities for learners, help them to act creatively yet independently, able to study, search and solve information on their own, become knowledgable workers that meet the demand of society, adapt to the ever-changing living environment and confidently join the global integration. Political report of the Party at XI Congress has clearly stated: “ The essential and comprehensive innovation of education and training. Program, content, teaching method, testing method innovation.enhance comprehensive education quality, especially attach importance to perception education,.,morality, lifestyle, creative ability, practice skill, industrial manner, social responsibiliy”. Hereby, enhancing education and training quality in general; and higher educaton in particular, is an imperative issue and the most important solution for our education to keep pace with the world’s science development and meet the requirements of international economic integration in the beginning of 21st century. In Vietnam ‘s Education Law, the objective of higher education noted that : “The objective of higher education is to train learners into citizens who own political quality, morality, the awareness to serve people, the knowledge and professional ability that are equal to training level, the well-being to build and protect their nation.” In the current times, when the perception of human reaches a higher level, the thinking ability is no longer holds its original meaning but also needs to become the ability to take action. It is because that people do not only think to grasp conceptions about the world, but also create in order to change it and make it a better place. The importance of creativity is still on the rise annually in every section of society as a response from the world life and the exciting business environment. The creativity is encouraged anywhere and anytime. Business brands seek for new product upgrade and highly creative marketing campaigns. Scientists seek for creative methods to carry out technical solutions. Meanwhile, communities and familes are in search of creative methods that create a higher living standard. Application of positive teaching methods in Chemistry with the use of teaching equipments plays a significant role to develop the independence and creativeness of students