Tóm tắt luận án Policy on forest environment lease in national parks in the northern vietnam

Exploiting the benefits from National Park, particularly the value of forest environment services are interested in and experimented by many National Park in the world. Vietnam also allows the National Park to organize proactively in ecotourism business activities to generate investment income for forest protection and development. A new development trend in recent time is companies, organizations, individuals wishing to rent forest environment in National Parks for ecotourism business. Although the trend has been formed newly, this is a potential development trend and get the consensus of society. Besides, the forest environment lease is a method to socialize forest environment services which contribute revenues to be reinvested in forest protection and development by their own capital, reducing investment from the State. Though the State has adopted the policy of forest environment lease for ecotourism business in National Parks and this policy has been evaluated successfully in pilot National Parksfor leasing but the policy has been implemented slowly. One of the main reasons isthat the forest environment leasing policy has been incompleted, scattered in a number of different laws, lack of necessary regulations, or some inadequated regulations which cause difficulties for the development process. Therefore, the management plans, the legal framework and the policies for leasing forestenvironment are still an open question which should be the orientation of the management levels and forestry. From above issues, the research on the perfect forest environment lease policies in National Parks is necessary and urgent. This is the main reason to choose this problem as the subject of my dissertation