A study on the problems in teaching english speaking skills to the minority students at sonla ethnic boarding high school and some suggested solutions

1. Rationale In Vietnam, in the recent years, the teaching and learning of English have been gaining significance firstly because it is an international language; secondly it is also seen as a means to promote mutual understanding and cooperation between Vietnam and other countries, especially since Vietnam became an official member of WTO. There have been an increasing number of people desiring to know English with the hope of keeping up with the latest modern technology in the world. English has now been taught not only at all universities and colleges, but also at almost every senior high school and it is considered as a compulsory subject at secondary school. To meet the demand of learners of English, teachers of English in Vietnam have been trying to find out the most suitable and effective method of teaching English.They have always tried to catch up with the world’s latest frameworks of English Language Teaching. As in other countries, teachers of English in Vietnam are now using Communicative Approach to teach English to learners of all levels. They hope to provide learners with a means of communication, namely English which is vital for them to be successful in their job and to fulfill their social demands in the time of globalization. At Son la Ethnic Boarding High School, where the author studies, English is a compulsory subject in the curriculum and it is considered as a major subject for the high school examination. It is taught with the purpose that students have some basic knowledge of English in order to communicate and to use it as a key to science and technology. However, there still exist many difficulties facing English language teachers in Vietnam in general and English language teachers at Son La Ethnic Boarding High School in particular in teaching speaking skills to students. The teachers of English at Son La Ethnic Boarding High School find it difficult to teach speaking successfully. In the teaching situations, the students usually keep quiet in speaking lessons; they mind speaking English. There are many students who have good knowledge of grammar which works wonderfully at reading and writing exercises but they can not express themselves in English. What is more, in real-life situations, students find it hard to communicate with English speaking people; it is hard for them to response spontaneously and naturally. Certainly, there are many reasons for this. If those difficulties are not found out and no solutions can be given, the speaking classes cannot be successful and students will be fed up with learning English if they find it worthless to study the subject. All of the above reasons have inspired the author to do the research on “The problems in Teaching English Speaking Skills to the Minority students at Son La Ethnic Boarding High School and some Suggested Solutions” with the hope to make a small contribution to the quality of teaching and learning speaking skills at Son La Ethnic Boarding High School. 2. Aims and Significance of the study This study is aimed at finding out the areas of difficulties in teaching English speaking skills to the minority students at SEBH. Also, it is expected that some solutions to overcome difficulties encountered will be suggested. To be more specific, in realizing this study, the objectives are: - Investigating the current situation of teaching and learning of speaking skills at Son La Ethnic Boarding High School. - Investigating the areas of difficulties and obstacles that the teachers at SEBH have encountered when teaching the speaking skills. - Suggesting some solutions with the hope of helping English language teachers at SEBH improve the quality of their teaching, this later helps improve students’ learning quality. 3. Research questions: In order to achieve the above aims, the research questions are as follows: (i) What are the current methods and techniques of teaching speaking skills used at Son La Ethnic Boarding High School? (ii) What are problems experienced by the teachers in teaching English speaking skills at Son La Ethnic Boarding High School? (iii) What are feasible solutions to overcome those difficulties? 4. Scope of the study The study focuses on the difficulties that the English language teachers have met when teaching speaking skills to the minority students at SEBH and some suggested solutions which help them improve the quality of their teaching. The study of difficulties, some suggested solutions to other skills and levels would be beyond the scope of the study. 5. Method of the study In order to realize the aims of the study, quantitative method was used. Two survey questionnaires were used to collect information and evidence for the study: - The first survey questionnaire is carried out on 140 students at SEBH. - The second survey questionnaire is carried out on 4 English language teachers of SEBH. All comments, remarks and recommendations given in the study were based on the data analysis. 6. Design of the study This study consists of three parts: Introduction, Development and Conclusion. • Part A: Introduction • Part B: Development The development comprises three chapters: + Chapter I : Literature Review + Chapter II : The study + Chapter III : Data analysis and Discussion of the findings • Part C: Conclusion



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