On applying process approach in teaching writing skill for grade 10 non- Major students at Dong da high school

This very first chapter of the thesis is to introduce the rationale for the study, the aims and objectives of the study as well as the research questions which the study was to carry out to find out the answers. It also presents the scope of the study, an overview of the methods employed to conduct the research as well as the design of the study. 1.1 Rationale Needless to say, English has played a remarkable role in almost every aspect of life. In Viet Nam, it is regarded as one of the most important subjects at all level of education. Working as a teacher of English, I am particularly interested in teaching writing skill. Therefore, I am concerned with approaches and methods which can help to enhance the learners’ writing proficiency as well as facilitate their learning English as a second language. As I observed, learners, especially students at high school, are often afraid of writing which, as claimed by them, makes them anxious and unconfident when dealing with. Moreover, the teaching and learning writing skill in many schools mostly involves the using of the textbooks, many of which have, so far, been opened to considerable debate. To make the matter worse, writing, which has been considered one of the most difficult skills among reading, speaking, listening and writing, is not paid sufficient attention as it deserves. The ideas of investigating deeply into the case intrigued me when I accidentally had a chance to attend a seminar on process approach at Dong Da high school, which was carried out to help teachers’ understanding of the process approach and suggest on how to apply it with the new textbook “English 10”. Although the process approach has had a widespread influence on the teaching of writing throughout the English speaking world, its beneficial impact on learners in Viet Nam context is still questionable. In other words, whether teachers and students in Viet Nam have any difficulties with the applicability of such an approach in teaching and learning writing? If so, what are the main constraints in applying the approach with the available new textbook “English 10”? The thought motivated me to conduct a study to gain better understanding of the main constraints, if there are any, in applying process approach in particular a context of Viet Nam. 1.2 Objectives of the Study First, the research concentrates on investigating the current situation of teaching writing skill at Dong Da high school with grade 10, non-major students. Secondly, the thesis will make an attempt to find out the main constraints in applying process approach to the teaching and learning of writing skill in the given context. Finally, the study is aimed at suggesting some feasible solutions to help teachers and students at the school improve the quality of teaching and learning writing skill. 1.3 .Research Questions and Research Methods In order to achieve the research objectives, the study was designed to find out the answers to the following questions: 1. What are the teachers’ methods and strategies in teaching writing skill? 2. What would be done to improve the teaching of writing skill? A combination of methods was chosen to achieve the research aim and objectives, including qualitative research and survey research. An extensive review of literature is made first to examine approaches in teaching writing skill, critically focusing on relevant literature on the process approach in teaching the writing skill. Besides, survey questionnaires were delivered to both the samples of teachers and students to obtain their teaching and learning methods and strategies of writing skill. Semi- structure interviews for both selected teachers and students in the samples are followed to clarify participants’ ideas.



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