Since 1986, when the open - Door policy and doi moi began to be applied in Vietnam, the country and its people have witnessed significant changes in many aspects of life. People from other countries have started to come in with investments. The presence o

Nowadays, English has been used over the world for communication. It is necessary for every body in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular to communicate in English with people from other countries. For many years, the teaching of English in Vietnam always followed the frameworks of English Language Teaching (ELT), from the grammar translation to audio-lingual methods which teaching and testing are focused mainly on writing and reading so Vietnamese students of English had been very good at grammar but could hardly speak English. To catch on with the above demand, Vietnamese teachers of English have been searching for a more suitable and effective method of teaching, and have come to decide on using the Communicative Language Teaching Approach (CLT) at all levels. As a result, speaking skills have gained their important roles in the curriculum of most English courses nowadays. Many years ago, we taught general practice subject (integrated skills- Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing skill) using the book HEADWAY (from pre-intermediate to upper-intermediate) for English major students during 2 school years in Nghe An Junior Teacher Training College (JTTC). Nowadays, speaking skill has been taught not only in general practice subject but also in speaking subject (3 periods per week for English Bachelor students) in the first and second school years. Nevertheless, there has not been an appropriate speaking syllabus for these students yet. When teaching speaking subject for English mayor students, teachers chose the speaking materials at random or make up their own textbook without basing on any principles or the needs of their students. The truth is that the speaking topics are based only on the subjective thoughts of these teachers. As a result, in the teaching and learning process, there still appears several difficulties that the teachers and students must confront, among which is the lack of relevant topics or practice. In four recent years, Nghe An JTT College has had the three-year training courses for English bachelors (non-teacher training students) with lower college entrance marks than the ones required for teachers of English training’s courses (teacher training students). Ironically, the same syllabuses are applied to teach different groups of students. Of course, they may share some characteristics. For example, a large proportion of them come from rural and remote areas of Nghe An province so their level of English proficiency is very low, and especially, their pronunciation, listening and speaking skills are terrible; But the goals of these two groups, teacher training students and non-teacher training students are quite different. The former usually has an unclear purpose when entering the college. For some of them, simply, they need a place to sit in after finishing school. Additionally, they do not have appropriate learning strategies or appropriate learning styles. What they are familiar with is rote learning of vocabulary and rules. They seem to prefer written work and private reading. Comparing the curriculums for these two groups, the only difference, which can be drawn out is that the one for training English Bachelors has one more Business English subject with two credits in the fifth semester. Obviously, this curriculum with so few professional choices gives student very slim chances in employment. In present time to make some changes to the existing curriculum seems impossible. The only one thing that, as teachers, we could do is to develop syllabuses based on the students’ needs analysis in order to bring motivation to our learners and help them learn English more effectively and efficiently. In our setting, teaching English for the English bachelor students is really challenging. Working with these students for some years in the speaking subject, I find that what we are teaching does not meet the students’ needs. Trying to analyze their conversational needs to develop an appropriate speaking syllabus for English bachelor students in Nghe An JTT College is the goal of this study.



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